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When a feeling of closeness and understanding that someone has for another person because of their similar qualities, ideas, or interests becomes intertwined in society, there is empathy of community and togetherness.  Shared ideas and interests combined pave the way for a deeper understanding of the world’s workings and a deeper sense of self.

A liking for or an attraction to something introduces us to research and investigate.  Technology is used as the main means for communication, especially now more than ever. Our senses are limited to the confinements of a 2d screen and keyboard, yet there is so much opportunity to connect. 


Through experience, Honma appreciates that things called Art these days may be too dependent on innovative technology, user-friendly applications and computers. Therefore she is keen to create art works by hand using simple equipment and discarded materials where possible.


Working with canvas pushes Zuzana to dive into her psyche and connect to the outer world at once. Zuzana’s primary focus is investigating the expressive forms and nuances of an intimate relationship. Each work contains a multitude of intense moments, feelings and experiences. Relationships, as well as solitude, are mirrors of the human soul.  Searching for oneself and subsequently creating one’s identity are fascinating subjects for her.


Through Marshall’s work she wants to show you a story; to feel, with every pencil stroke, the very emotion to leap from the paper and grip your heart; to feel it. ‘In the heat of the night passion finds its way...’


A quality that makes people suited to each other today in Covid times, as Eddie Saint- Jean depicts unhomely, eerie and uncanny elements of isolated figure awaiting uninvited guests.  Ruspoli being on the other side of the hopeful spectrum of Reconciliation and Mutual Care.  We do certainly easily forget, that the simple gestures of our bodies can be a source of such a tender beauty, according to Malgorzata Marta Zych,  The softness of light braking on a smooth shoulders, the vulnerability  of naked skin, slow movement of mussels of the neck.  Reused places and usage of living spaces that are constructed from the ashes of what has been destroyed by wars or natural causes, a rebirth is described by Akbaş.  Yarden’s Lost and Found body meets another environment, the soul; creating an inner reality and surrendering to it. Being confined at home during the lockdown, Mechelinck was given the time to refocus on the beauty of where she resides – a rural area in West Cork. Moss and lichens became her focus and while exploring, interpreting these tiny organisms, their purpose, their meaning, their colours and textures.


As a longtime fan of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis, Miller emphasizes the psychological and emotional tension of modern life, in which every person is unique, complex, and similar to the Universe.  Ciric’s work depicts this dimension and opacity of Layering Behind in abstract terms.  Meanwhile, Shirvanizadeh Is looking for the meaning of life; creating a sense of an imaginary space unintentionally linked to personal aspirations and enduring the hardships of life in today's modern artworks. Today's human beings feel comfortable with their non-historical past, but during an ideological process and in deep connection with social events, the nature of these dreams changes and they are abstract.  Affinity relates to persons who share the same interests.  Therefore, Rubleva touches upon the themes of identity, gender, family relations and scenarios, language issues, also her migration experience.


Jeannot features schizophrenia, as well as self-management, which leads the work towards gloomy expressions. These works are transformed into a simplistic surrealism the viewer to question and play with the work. They are at the forefront of the new challenges that lie ahead.


Therefore, each artist is combined by similarity within their shared interest and a new conversation is had.  A relationship and resemblance in structure between this group of artists suggests a common origin that is Affinity.


Featured Artist’s include: Beverly Marshall, Eddie Saint- Jean, Francesco Ruspoli, Malgorzata Marta Zych, Ann Mechelinck, Mari Honma, Meri Miller, Milan Ciric, Mohammadreza Shirvanizadeharani, Olga Boldyreff, Sixto Roberto Jeannot Velez, Tolga Akbaş, Zuzana Petrakova, רות ירדן‎ - Root Yarden.


Exhibition Opening Online Live simultaneously on Pepney Gallery’s Facebook and Instagram at 8pm on Thursday 7th January 2021.  Exhibition remains open officially until 7th February 2021.


Exhibition Catalogue can be viewed here