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The Next 2 topis for consideration of submissions is as follows:







Submission deadline 28th March 2021

Opening of Online Exhibition 11th April 2021.

Closure of Online Exhibition 11th May 2021.




  • Either Elegant Nude and/or portrait studies and finished pieces only are considered for the 'nude affiliation & Portraits' online virtual exhibition.  All mediums are considered. 


  • Please submit 1 artwork (max. 5mb per image). Image File should include artist's name, artwork title, artwork dimensions & year artwork was made; e.g. artistsname_titleartwork_10X10cm_2021


  • Artist statement max 250 words and artist biography 250 words.


  • One Artist's website/blog/social media platform link must be supplied.


  • To complete your application make sure to click on the Submit Application button on the submission form (link to submission form below).


Free to apply.

If selected for exhibition, a one time representation fee of €20 will be payable to

Pepney Gallery.


Submit your applications through the online form here.

Come Together, Right Now, -Gathering 20/21'

 exhibition opened at Pepney Gallery

on 8th June 2021.

Viewing daily 10.30am -5.15pm GMT


Streamed Live on Facebook & Instagram on 9th June 2021 from 7pm


'Come Together, Right Now - Gathering 20/21', is a combination of a number of virtual exhibitions, each hosting an international gathering of artist's under shared and similar ideas.


Artist-lead curated exhibitions are derived of communal, historical and contemporary knowledge; selecting artworks as part of a shared idea creating established exhibitions on a virtual platform.  Artworks include photography, painting, sculpture, installation and digital multimedia. Five themes–Identity, Affinity, Being Human, Nude Affiliation & Portraiture and Spiritual Awakening— display the many ways artists explore the joys and complexities of “Self, Emotion & Human Understanding”  respecting the history and contemporary thought process of art, both with knowledge and the art making process.


Come Together, Right Now- Gathering 20/21 was created, in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when people faced unprecedented isolation while also uniting in a struggle to control the devastating disease. The feelings of distance and loneliness have fostered a new appreciation for communities and personal connections.  Worldwide, artist's, along with the rest of the human race, seek new ways of coming together to create, share and show outside of the historical 4 white walls setting.


Five successful exhibitions were judged and created on a 3 dimensional virtual platform, whereby the cyber public could view, interact and learn about the artist's and concepts of each exhibition. 


Here today, is the recording of the exhibitions combined archived for your viewing at Pepney Gallery.  This project is a historical movement in history, whereby the experience of the viewer in art exhibitions is imbedded for future generations to come. 


Featured Artists Include:

IDENTITY: Ana Zoob, Angela McFall, Béatrice Béraud, Beverly Marshall, Brass Rabbit, Damian Nenadic, Darija Stipanić, David Mook, Duda, Eshaan Gupta, Evi Stamou, Gaia Adducchio, Helena Stiasny, Irfan Özince, Jonathan Napier, Judy Mazzucco, Kadiani Veligrantaki, Keith Buswell,Lelé Trabb, Majd Kara, Matthew Sproul, My Linh Mac, Nadia Adina Rose, Nuria Min, Oktawian Bohdziewicz, Olga Boldyreff, Olga Shapiro-Rubleva, Silvia Cristobal Alonso, Tacie Jones, Thomas Valianatos, Two Odd Knobs.


AFFINITY: Beverly Marshall, Eddie Saint- Jean, Francesco Ruspoli, Malgorzata Marta Zych, Ann Mechelinck, Mari Honma, Meri Miller, Milan Ciric, Mohammadreza Shirvanizadeharani, Olga Boldyreff, Sixto Roberto Jeannot Velez, Tolga Akbaş, Zuzana Petrakova, רות ירדן‎ - Root Yarden.


BEING HUMAN: Ann Mechelinck, Annmarie Yasmineh, Duda, Fiona Cadwallader, Ilke Alkan, Jean Cormier, Katarzyna Kukuła & Sandra Bak-Shut Up Collective, Liam Andersen, Marie Ruprecht, Michael Elliot-Brown,  Michael May, Moses Emehinola, Pawel Pacholec, Rosemary Nagel, Salit Krac, Stephanie Guillen, Virginia Tozzi, Айгерим Бектаева- Aigerim Bektayeva.


nude affiliation & Portraiture: Ana Colomer, Bernd Reichert, Ciro di Fiore, Elena Mincu, Elizabeth Rakhilkina, Frank Velasco, Georgina Lowbridge, Grace Peterson Glover, Ivana Babic, Janet Kennedy, Johannes Christopher Gerard, Joyce Camilleri, Judith Mazzucco, Kostis Argyriadis, Krystal Skinner, Leresteux Ala, Lesley O'Neill, Lim Jang Guin, Maria Paramonova, Marjan Morshedzadeh, Mary Anne Zammit, Michelle Rue, Nadja Shkirat, Nata Buachidze, Natalie Oliphant, nessi alexander-barnes, Peter Pirker, Peter ten Lohuis, Robert Atwater, Root Yarden, Rosemary Nagel, Steve Ferris, Spartak Khachanov, Tae Kyung Seo, Tayler Brady, Thelma Pott, Torren Vampyr, Trevor Coopersmith, Viktoria Andreeva, Vilma Leino, Yuval Sasson and Zhanna Zhuckova.


Spiritual Awakening:  Caroline Karp, Christina Elzateeva, Crys Draconi, Emilija Teofilovic, Frank Velasco, Jia-Rey Chang, Johanna Mangold, Judit Prieto, Kaoru Shibuta, L. Mylott Manning, Marek Zajko, Margot Domart, Mary Anne Zammit, Matthew Nespor, Neo Makondo, Pari Wrigley, Peter Pirker, Root Yarden, Susan Evans Grove, Viet Van Tran, Vilma Leino and Wendy Alber.


Curation & Judging: Landscape and Memory artist collective; lead by Marilyn Pepper. 


Pepeny Gallery still continue to display virtual exhibitions online and will continue to showcase them in the gallery space.  Please check out the submissions page here for further information on new call outs for artwork.