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Pepney Gallery is pleased to announce the official opening of 'Dreams & Fantasies' Solo Exhibition by renowned artist Mohammad Reza Shirvanizadeh. Official opening on 7th September 2021, 21:00 GMT simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram of this virtual exhibition. To Join the LIVE Facebook event, please R.S.V.P. here: https://fb.me/e/1EyJXFV8j


'Dreams and fantasies are a vision condition in an individual that they are an expression of wishes and everyday actions and even her goals, but in fact, imagination is things that are not real but they think that they are real. In everyday life, most people combine their ideas with a series of dreams that they have a wish or desire to do it.  Dreams and fantasies can be beneficial & they are compensating wishes, improver, less troubles & escape from problems. What I was painting in my artworks, perhaps it is a sense of dreamlike atmosphere of imagination and dreams and thoughts of human modernity and the world today. Dream where modern humans than in the past is a non-historical in its deepest sense & instead of past hopes and expectations, he has been
psychologically manipulated intellectual and even social conflict, because although he quickly during the course of civilization and progress, he is always accompanied by anxiety and insecurity. Although he lives on welfare and better pay conditions, he has a sense of identity and emptiness.
Modern human has largely shifted its attention from the material and appearance to internal developments. This tendency shows that human expects something of his inner life that he cannot get it from the outside world. He is searching for the meaning of life.


Artist Mohammad Reza Shirvanizadeh (born in 1976 in Kashan, Iran); Art Researcher & Painter.

His father was a map designer of hand-woven carpets, and Shirvani became acquainted with the design of colorful carpets as a child in his father's atelier. As his evasive morale from school and trainer’s strictness, he was also sensitive to local legends, especially imaginary creatures, in a way that his nightmares were full of the mythical presence of unknown creatures.

To escape his childhood fears, Shirvani found imagining and designing in his father's atelier relieving. He believes that these imaginations are reflected in his works today.


In the early 1990s, he began to study design and calligraphy by professionals living in, Kashan, and over few years, he became acquainted with the basics of design and calligraphy.


In 1995, at his mother's insistence, he began to study telecommunications engineering; however, he did not stop art activities. Before entering the university, he focused on researching Impressionist paintings and personal experiences in this particular art style followed by holding a solo exhibition of his Impressionist paintings and experiences in Kashan. Entering the university, he became acquainted with the professors of the Tehran and Isfahan Universities of the Arts, leading to an appropriate context for motivating him to become well acquainted with the artistic styles of Iran and the world, especially familiarity and interest in the concept of Expressionism.


At this stage, Shirvani began to study the history of painting more seriously, and in 2018, he began writing about the research on the Iranian and worlds’ best paintings. Over the years, focusing on the features of the expressionism style in painting, he depicted a series of his experiences continued by participating in national and international exhibitions and festivals.

Shirvani considers his unique life experiences, which are full of bittersweet memories with his artist father, as well as his studies in painting, to be the main cause of individual creativity in his works.

Shirvanizadeh is a painting student at Tehran University of Arts for a master degree.





رویاها و ذهنیات خاص انسان، شاید حاصل تلاش فرد برای شناخت و کشف ابهامات خاطره انگیز است. هر چند درگیری های ذهنی و تصاویر خیالی در برخی موارد ناخوشایند جلوه می کنند، اما وقتی به امور روزمره نگاهی دقیقتر داشته باشیم، در مناسبات اجتماعی رفتارهایی مبتنی بر ادغام تصورات ذهنی و حالات عادی در شکل گیری خلق و خوی افراد دیده می شود که گویای تاثیر غیر مستقیم رویاها به رفتار اجتماعی انسان امروزی ست. هنرمند نقاش از این فرآیند بهره مطلوبی می برد و تلاش می کند تا راهیابی تصورات ذهنی به امور روزانه اش را در مسیر خلق آثارش قرار دهد.
آنچه من همواره تلاش می کنم که در آثارم خلق کنم، شاید ایجاد حس یک فضای خیالی ست که در ارتباطی ناخواسته با با آرزوهای شخصی و تحمل دشواری های زندگی در مسیر تولیدات مدرن امروزی قرار می گیرد. انسان امروزی نسبت به گذشته غیر تاریخی خود احساس خوشایند دارد اما طی فرآیندی ایدئولوژیک و در پیوندی عمیق با وقایع اجتماعی، ماهیت این رویاها دگرگون می شوند و شکلی انتزاعی به خود می گیرند.
همه ما امروز برای رفاه بیشتر می کوشیم تا شرایط مناسبی داشته باشیم. اما شرایط کنونی، مختصات زندگی را ناخواسته به سمت بیهودگی و پوچی هدایت می کند و تا جایی پیش می رود که توان ادامه این مسیر ناشناخته را از آدمی سلب می کند. در این شرایط مادی گرایانه، توجه انسان امروز بیش از هر چیز به تحولات درونی اش جلب می شود و تلاش می کند تا هر آنچه در این زندگی مادی دست نیافتنی ست کنار بگذارد و به سراغ درونیات خود برود. شاید او همواره به دنبال کشف معنای زندگی است.


Human's specific dreams and mindsets may be the result of his efforts to recognize and discover memorable ambiguities. Although mental engagement and imaginary images are unpleasant in some cases; however, by taking a closer look at the daily activities, some behaviors are made based on the integration of mental imaginations and normal states forming people's moods, which indicate the indirect effect of dreams on the social behavior of modern human beings. The painter takes advantage of this process by trying to include his mental imaginations in his daily affairs to create his works.

What I'm always trying to create in my artworks is perhaps creating a sense of an imaginary space unintentionally linked to personal aspirations and enduring the hardships of life in today's modern artworks. Today's human beings feel comfortable with their non-historical past, but during an ideological process and in deep connection with social events, the nature of these dreams changes and they are abstract.

Today, we all strive for greater well-being to have favorable conditions. However, the current situation unintentionally leads life towards futility and emptiness, going so far as to make the person unable to continue this unknown way. In this materialistic world, inner transformations are more and more considered by today’s man and he tries to leave unattainable goals in this material life seeking his inner self. Perhaps he is always looking for the meaning of life.


To Join the LIVE Facebook event, please R.S.V.P. here: https://fb.me/e/1EyJXFV8j