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Pepney Gallery is please to host the new Solo Exhibition of visual artist Angela McFall opening on 1st January 2022 at 8pm GMT simultaneously on our Facebook and Instagram platforms.


Artist Angela McFall explains, "In my work I explore the fragility of what we call 'concrete' reality. By drawing/ painting the changes in architecture over time I evoke the idea that change is the only constant.


In my drawings which isolate architectural details, in stone and concrete, changing through time, I highlight the idea that we are, and always have been changing. This series reveals that we are moving towards an increasingly cubic, standardized constructed environment. Fortunately in my work the awesome power of nature always comes in to save us, (for now). 

In my work the buildings unravel as they do in time, cities emerge/ recede, and storms loom on the horizon, all to illuminate the idea that we are fragile, and the seemingly concrete world which contains us, is incredibly dynamic".


As the old world I was born in, gives way to another world, I find myself marveling at the spectacle of this strange new thing. In trying to articulate what I feel, I find myself drawn to forms which exist between two states. Somewhere between the constructed facade, the fury and force of the natural world, and the abstract energy that escapes at the edges. I find myself going back in time in my own chronology to places that once mesmerized me, funfairs, arcades, roller coasters, and other strange places, in order to capture the wonder, I felt then when confronted with the unknown, and what I feel now in the face of this emerging world.

To be here, at this moment in space and time, at the crossroads of two different civilizations, one brick, and mortar and the other weightless, electrical and digital. I find myself visually contrasting these strange worlds. One receding, the other emerging, and yet, in the end these two worlds tell the same stories, just in different formats, and I find myself really understanding for the first time, what McLuhan meant by the media is the message. It's all about accessing reality.





Angela McFall

Solo Exhibition



Angela McFall was Born in Northern Ireland in 1969 and she grew up in Ottawa Canada.

Angela graduated from Canterbury School of the Arts in Ottawa. She has had exhibitions in Ottawa Canada.

She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and joined the artists’ collective ‘The Enriched Bread Artists’ in an old factory space in Ottawa.  Angela later moved to Tokyo, participated in art exhibitions around Japan.

She was hired to teach art in Switzerland, Head of Art Department, moved to Switzerland.

In recent years, Angela exhibited in Switzerland and internationally.  She joined the Artist’s Collective in Taulan Art Factory Montreux, she is currently working on several projects exploring time, space, and place.


Angela McFall Website: www.angelamcfall.com 


View the Exhibition Catalogue Here.