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Pepney Gallery is an art gallery based in Cavan, Ireland. The rural setting of the gallery is currently a creative hub of artists and creatives alike.  

Pepney Gallery hosts a range of thematic exhibitions every month within the gallery space and virtually online. The aim of the gallery is to collaborate artist's interests of study under one theme to encourage further discussion and in-dept investigation; as a way of learning and finding out.  An artist lead gallery, Pepney is a space for ideas, concepts and collaboration.  Thinking outside the 4 walls, our space is focused on the seed of artistic notions that grow to various locations.


Previous exhibitions as part of Pepney Gallery include a successful traveling exhibition entitled, 'Landscape and Memory', which comprised of 22 international artists work.  

'Landscape and Memory' Exhibition traveled to the Iranian Art Home, Iran; with the opening of the exhibition taking place on 26 November 2015. Iranian Art Home is one of the most credible artistic places in Iran. The exhibition also traveled to Chazou Gallery, in Canada in 2016. 'Landscape and Memory' traveled to Melanithros Art Space, Athens, Greece. Curator Christos Kaklamanis was impressed by the organization and concept of the show and accepted the exhibition which was held in the Melanithros Gallery in November 2016.


'Illumination', exhibition embodies an eclectic mix of contemporary artists that focus on painting and drawing portraits and the figure.

The collection contains a mosaic of work through a life long study of anatomy, depth, color and light, through the unique vision of each artist. Fusing together an achievement of what is currently being created by contemporary artists in representational art at the peak of a new era.

This group of artists created life studies while on an artist's resistance at Dacia Gallery, Manhattan East Side, New York City, USA.


Please view the 'Submission' page to learn about upcoming exhibition themes and how to apply.




Marilyn Pepper is the founder of Pepney Gallery.  She graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin obtaining a Masters in Fine Art from the National College of Art and Design in 2013.  She obtained certification in Art Management & Exhibition Design.


She is an independent curator.  Project exhibitions include international collaborations of the travelling exhibition 'Landscape and Memory' with Iranian, Greek and American Curators.  Marilyn is an avocate at creating artist networks since undertaking the John O’Leary Award in 2010.



Marilyn Pepper

Director, Founder and Curator of Pepney Gallery

Founder of Landscape and Memory Collective


Published Author: Art and the Unconsious,