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READPepney Gallery opened an online virtual exhibition titled ‘Identity’. The open call for artworks received a high volume of submissions reflecting the shared concept of Identity but also, the community of artists organically emerged an expression of Identity around the pandemic. 


One of our deepest needs is for a sense of identity, is belonging and human attachment.  Identity is the way we perceive and express ourselves. Factors and conditions that an individual is born with; such as ethnic heritage, sex, or one's body; often play a role in defining one's identity.  The artists in this exhibition

use their work to express, explore, and question ideas about identity.  Therefore, it is not simply what we see, but a way of seeing. We see it with our eye but interpret it with our mind and ascribe values to Identity for intangible spiritual reasons. Identity is important in art for expressing a meaningful understanding of who we are. If you've not been honest with who you are, your work will not carry the impact that it needs to cause any level of response in your viewers.


This group of artists gathered to talk in one shared language -as well as many tongues, on the matter of Identity. Since the Identity changed in times for them, and as much as their eyes allowed, becoming their own. Many of them have come from other countries and cultures, adding to the personal voyage, the re- interpretation of Identity by different experiences and tongues.


This exhibition is taking a step into the computer screen to bring the combined international artist’s artwork together in a 3 dimensional interactive virtual exhibition, creating discussion that we get a true sense of.


The exhibition officially opened virtually on 7th December 2020 live on Pepney Gallery Facebook page at 8pm GMT.  The 3 dimensional Exhibition, each artist and their artworks is available here on the Pepney Gallery website above.  


Exhibiting artists include: Ana Zoob, Angela McFall, Béatrice Béraud, Beverly Marshall, Brass Rabbit, Damian Nenadic, Darija Stipanić, David Mook, Duda, Eshaan Gupta, Evi Stamou, Gaia Adducchio, Helena Stiasny, Irfan Özince, Jonathan Napier, Judy Mazzucco, Kadiani Veligrantaki, Keith Buswell,Lelé Trabb, Majd Kara, Matthew Sproul, My Linh Mac, Nadia Adina Rose, Nuria Min, Oktawian Bohdziewicz, Olga Boldyreff, Olga Shapiro-Rubleva, Silvia Cristobal Alonso, Tacie Jones, Thomas Valianatos, Two Odd Knobs.


The virtual exhibition officially runs until 7th January.