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Pepney Gallery accepts artwork from emerging and established artistsin all media: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, digital art and mixed media. 


All artwork submitted is reviewed by our curatorial panel for upcoming exhibitions.


Pepney Gallery selects and shows on a juried basis.  Participating artists in our exhibitions will be announced on our website after the entry deadline for each exhibit. 




Physical In Gallery






Enchanting Landscapes - Physical In Gallery Group Exhibition



Submission Deadline: 6th January 2022

Opening of Physical In Gallery Exhibition: 17th February 2022


Enchanting landscapes are inviting, captivating, inspirational and calm our souls.  It is know that spending time in nature reduces stress. A number of scientific studies have found it can help lower cortisol and blood pressure levels, and even alleviate depression and anxiety.


While few of us these days are venturing out of our homes, much less visiting the Cliffs of Moher or other nature preserves, there is still a way of bringing the peace of nature into our homes. It's called landscape art. 

Human beings are naturally drawn to vastness in scenery. Landscape throughout history has served rich and poor, it’s given that quality of nature brought home. The vastness is the ever-infinite sky, it’s the depth of field, it gives human beings this calming quality. Artist or not, rich or poor, we all have that response.  Landscape art may also be illustrated or described in domestic terms, a section of the vastness preened by humans, perhaps a garden. 


Enchanting landscapes may illustrate the realism of what we see, abstract of what we feel, include fantasy aspects such as imagined figures; i.e. fairies, mystical creatures.  They may include humans interacting with the land in some way.  The possibilities are endless and how much of what the artist may show or reveal is up to them.  This is what makes landscape art so exciting, there is no restrictions for the artist because the land is so vast.  Interpretation is soley made by the artist.


To celebrate the peace and joy that art can bring during the age of coronavirus, Pepney Gallery is pleased to create a call for art with the outcome of a physical exhibition in the hope of inspiring artists to pick up their paint brushes and other tools to engage in art; and create artwork in response to Enchanting Landscapes.


Take a deep breath; create, share and enjoy the beauty of art.



Guildelines terms and Conditions: 

  • All mediums are considered. Size considersation: Domestic size; where possible


  • Please submit up to 5 artworks (max. 5mb per image). Image File should include artist's name, artwork title, artwork dimensions & year artwork was made; e.g. artistsname_titleartwork_10X10cm_2021


  • Artist statement max 250 words and artist biography 250 words.


  • One Artist's website/blog/social media platform link must be supplied.


  • Please email your submissions to admin@pepneygallery.com


  • Free to apply.  If selected for exhibition, a one time representation fee of €20 will be payable to Pepney Gallery. Represenation includes in gallery physical exhibition and online virtual exhibition. 


  • Artist's are responsible for the shipping costs of their artworks to and from the gallery, if selected.  There must be a return lable attached to artworks.


We look forward to welcoming your submissions to the gallery.

The next topic for consideration of submissions is as follows:

The idea of The Secret Garden creates a realm of innocence and enchantment. Another worldly dimension to a place intertwined with wonder and growth.


The emotional attachment of the artist to the garden, through themes such as seclusion, spirituality and sexuality. It explores not only innocent pleasures but also the more painful thoughts and memories that gardens can evoke.


It also focuses on the continuing role of the garden as a metaphor for femininity. This has developed both through the classical tradition and the Christian identification of the enclosed garden, or ‘hortus conclusus’, with the Blessed Virgin.


There are many secret places within the garden that are yet to be explored, arched gateways closed or ajar to another mystery location within this mystical place.  Different plants, flowers and foliage undisturbed; the only disarray by the insects, small animals, bad weather or a small number of beings occupying the space momentarily.


Pepney Gallery is looking for artist's artworks to illustrate ideas around the above and more in regards to 'The Secret Garden'.

Submissions closed 

Pepney Gallery is looking for artist’s to submit artwork in any medium based closely to the theme