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Opening of Exhibition: 23rd July 2022

Exhibition running until 31st October 2022




Pepney Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the next group Exhibition entitled SUMMERTIME DELIGHTS, opening on 23rd July 2022 at 8pm GMT on the gallery's virtual online platform the main website, Facebook Live and Instagram simultaneously. Facebook Live R.S.V.P. link to view the exhibition here: https://fb.me/e/1BScM9aLY


SUMMERTIME DELIGHTS is based around the simple pleasures that take place during the summer months.  Mood is lifted by the good weather forming a happier disposition on not only the human race, but on nature and how it blooms.   Sunshine lifts oxytocin, the feel good and love hormone - relationships blossom as well as nature and both coincide with each other.  The sun kissed landscape appear more appealing weather it be the warmth of the countryside or the reflective urban cityscapes enthralling us, the human race.


Everyone, including the species of the land go through a change, weather it be by brighter colours and most definitely by heightened mood. 

The aesthetic of colour on artworks, for example paintings, appear lighter and highlight the canvas.  A great historic example of this type of light is artist Van Gogh. He used brighter colours and developed his own style of painting, with short brush strokes. The themes he painted likewise changed, with rural labourers giving way to cafés and boulevards, the countryside along the Seine and floral still lifes.  The color yellow was what Van Gogh liked best. In his landscapes, he painted a pure color based on the light. Light in addition to strength and friendship brought love and light to him from the Sun. A contrast to Van Gogh's neutral-colored yellows, blue represents the complementary color.


Artworks in this exhibition, take the form of many different mediums and on the basis of different interpretations of the main theme, through concept and illustrative direct take on the theme.  Artist's Featured include; Barby D. Osborn, Ido Barav, Ilgonis Rinkis, Mariza Halliday, Olga Nikiforova, Steph FigPope, Paula Hynes, Root Yarden, Serge Dobrynov, Sihams-art-creations, Siobhan McEvoy-Ridley, Zamuel Hube, Heather Chapple and Olena Sloboda.

Summertime Delights

 Group Exhibition