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Opening of Exhibition: 8th December 2022

Exhibition running until 8th February 2023



Pepney Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the next group Exhibition entitled WINTER LIGHT, opening on 8th December 2022 at 8pm GMT on the gallery's virtual online platform the main website, Facebook Live and Instagram simultaneously. Facebook Live R.S.V.P. link to view the exhibition here: https://fb.me/e/5f0qBcy2l


WINTER LIGHT is based around the crisp atmosphere that take place during the winter months. The light aspect of the title, indicates a level of hope in the colder weather. Instinctively, light in the winter months is something that we search for to create a level of warmth, lifted spirits, a sense of cozy being; as the reduced level of sunlight in winter may disrupt a person's body internal clock and lead to low feelings, 'Winter Light' aims to reflect how people create a sense of good mental health during these naturally dull, dark months.


Psychologically, the activities people do to maintain good mood during the winter months, can be illustrated through the artworks.  However, organically, the natural winter light in the landscape can be reflected through abstract or a literal sense.  The majority of light, in a winter scene, can be demonstrated through a warm street light, a warm house light seeping through a window or/and even a crisp sunrise or sunset in a natural setting.

It is the cross between and the searching for the light either in a natural or fictitious setting. The natural light in winter months, needs to be captured quickly as it does not last for long. The fictitious light, is set up manmade to create the ambiance of coziness and comfort.  


Artworks in this exhibition, take the form of many different mediums and on the basis of different interpretations of the main theme, through concept and illustrative direct take on the theme.  Artist's responded to the title 'Winter Light' through their own interpretations.    Landscapes, domestic scenes and/or a mixture of both through a literal illustrative approach or by abstract means and in the form of any artistic medium true to each artist.  Artist's Featured include; Barby D. Osborn, Federico Romano, Karen Colville, Mohsen Keiany and Marilyn Gaffney.

Winter Light

 Group Exhibition