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Opening of Exhibition: 7th December 2023

Exhibition running until 7th April 2024


Esteemed artist Irfan Özince invites us to embark on a thought-provoking journey through his solo exhibition, "interpretation of life," at Pepney Gallery. The exhibition, featuring a collection of Özince's latest works, promises an immersive exploration of the artist's unique perspective on the multifaceted tapestry of life.


"interpretation of life" delves deep into the artist's contemplation of existence, emotions, and the intricate dance between light and shadow that defines our human experience. Özince, known for his evocative use of pencil line, texture, and symbolism, unveils a series of artworks that beckon viewers to reflect on the beauty and complexity inherent in every moment.


The exhibition serves as a testament to Özince's mastery in capturing the essence of life through his graphite drawings and installation of these drawings within the exhibition space. Each piece is a testament to his ability to transcend the tangible and guide the observer into a realm where emotions resonate and stories unfold.


Pepney Gallery is thrilled to present this compelling exhibition, showcasing Özince's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. His bold experimentation with form and technique not only challenges conventional norms but also establishes him as a visionary artist unafraid to traverse uncharted territories in pursuit of artistic expression.


About the Artist: Irfan Özince is a highly regarded contemporary artist celebrated for his profound insights and innovative approach to visual storytelling. Hailing from İzmir-Turkey, Özince has exhibited his work in numerous prestigious galleries and museums globally. His oeuvre reflects a deep engagement with the philosophical and existential aspects of the human condition, as well as a keen observation of the world around him.

In the artist's words, "I  have been working painting for along time. I prefer street show for exhibition. I also attended some gallery exhibitions. I work about paste up paintings. I prefer to meet and to talk with peoples by the show. Nowadays, I work about abstract paintings and sculptures. I use usual cartoon, paper and wooden materials in my workings".


Exhibitions Irfan Özince participated in:

-2015 İzmir Art Biennal

-Sofia 2016 Watertower Art Fest

-Leipzig Urban up Fest-2017

-2019-Arthouse –Treansformearte exhibitions,Eisenstad-Austria

Artnumber23-Athens Exhibition-2022;

Kocaeli-International Exhibition-2023-About for Turkey Earthquake

During the pandemic days on line exhibitions:

Beam Cllective Surreal exhibition;

Zervas Art exhibition;

Pepney Gallery-UNİD Exhibition;

ChopperchunkGallery Abstracts Exhibition-London;

IAVPOA Exhibition (3RD place)

Pepney Gallery Exhibition-Colors of wellbeing

And some local exhibitions(Groups)


Opening Reception: Join us for an opening reception on 7th December 2023 online for the virtual exhibition on our website, instagram and Facebook LIVE, where art enthusiasts, collectors, and the public can view and gain insights into the inspiration behind "interpretation of life."


For further information and inquiries, please contact: admin@pepneygallery.com


"interpretation of life" promises to be a visual symphony that resonates with the soul, and Irfan Özince invites you to share in this extraordinary exploration of the human experience.



Further information:

Facebook –Irfan Ozince

Instagram: irfanozince

email: ozinceirfanart@gmail.com




interpretation of life

 Solo Exhibition


Irfan Özince



Images are a combination of artworks by visual artist Irfan Özince